Self Positioning

We are The UnlimitedIP

We are EOS Madman

We are one of the very first projects decided to use EOS.

We are the doer, the stronger Hodler for EOS.

We want to support EOS community fundamentally

We are running for EOS.IO BP.

We want a new internet order.

Let’s make it happen,EOS Ecology!


UnlimitedIP is a recreational copyright intelligent trading platform created by UIP Foundation based on EOS. UnlimitedIP is committed to providing global pan-entertainment IP copyright holders with one-stop intelligent service of entertainment copyright, which include copyright attestation, copyright authentication, copyright registration, copyright trading, online rights protection and content incubation etc.

Location Of Company Headquarter


We are well funded by UIP Foundation and our annually budget is $400,000. Our goal is to provide a stable, secure service to the EOS community.

First node will be located at Beijing. Because of the complexity of Chinese Internet environments, the first server is for Test purpose at the beginning, but we will have more Supernode site open while this project process.

Expected Location

San Francisco

Team Members

Because we are well funded, most of the rewards will go to the community, to make EOS ecology an even better place. Let us work together to overthrow the classic Internet. We can build a place that your privacy is being respected, No cheating, No fraud and No superpower.